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Canoe Vibes - Paddling in California - Stop the Tunnels

Lodi, CA: Paddling and Pubs Get Political

I wasn’t sure if I should do it.

In the revolving door of perpetual political one-sidedness – an internet feed full of my-way-or-the-highway cyber stances on deleted confidential email threads and misunderstood second amendment threats – my finger hovered hesitantly over the send button outside of Ollie’s Pub.

You can’t miss the message. I drove north on the five from a hazy fourth of July weekend in LA to Lodi, California – pronounced load-eye not load-y, to save you the laughter from the local bartenders that made me sweat. The fence signs, bumper stickers, and billboards from twenty miles out all the way to the patio at Ollie’s where I sat enjoying my Lagunitas IPA all preached one message: Stop the Tunnels.

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Visibility vs Conspicuity - Kayak Lighting for Kayak Fishing

Visibility vs Conspicuity: Improving Visibility on the Water

Promotional piece reposted from the Yak Gear blog on February 4, 2014.

Visibility is the basic word that the paddlesports industry uses to promote the products that make you visible. We have all heard horror stories similar to the Lost Pearl (Virginia Beach), Norwich Lake (Massachusetts), or Lake George (New York) story where kayakers go unseen by oncoming power boats and are knocked from their kayak, injured, or even killed.

The Products:

With innovations and product development in the industry, kayakers and kayak anglers have many different options to help improve their visibility. For example, the new Railblaza Visibility Package provides the safety conscious paddler with everything you need to paddle safer while on your next adventure. The kit is centered on one Railblaza StarPort Base and one Railblaza TelePole that have an attached orange safety flag – for daytime visibility – and the new NaviLux 360 Degree Light – for 360 degrees of nighttime visibility.

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A Long Portage:

We're back after a really long portage. What used to be a roadtrip-centric canoe blog is now a bit more settled in the Texas Hill Country. We still believe canoeing is dated, not dead. And we still chase high CFS and sticky situations.

But we're not on a roadtrip battling for cell service from the backseat of the Jeep anymore. We're enjoying life off the road. The showers, hot meals, and stable jobs are nice too.

If the paddling road trip is what you're looking for, it's moved here.



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