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Fishing Arkansas: Nothing Moves Fast in Yellville

Nothing moves fast in Yellville. The north central Arkansas city named for Archie Yell, the winner of the last duel in the city’s streets – or so they say, is home to 1,312 people and an economy that is driven by White River tourism and the Ranger Boats factory right next door in Flippin.

“We hit rush hour” Gabe joked as we pulled up to the three-car-deep line at the city’s big four-way stop on our way to load the boat and fish the White. It didn’t take me many blocks after the traffic cleared to realize things were going to be a little different in Yellville, especially compared to my most recent road trip stop at the college bar scene in Fayetteville.

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Tips for Fly Fishing on Braes Brays Bayou Houston TX

Urban Fly Fishing: Tricking Carp in Downtown Houston

Growing up within an unsupervised bike ride of Brays (Braes – see note below) Bayou*, I’ve seen countless carp swells from the Braeswood running trails. As kids, we would take our conventional starter rods and some hot dogs under the Stella Link bridge to channel our inner city Huck Finn-nature, even if only for a couple of unsuccessful casts.

It’s not a normal fishery. Brays Bayou is an urban stream, subject to all that goes with being an urban stream in metropolitan Houston, Texas. Let’s be honest: it’s a drainage ditch of poop (sewage) water fed by the treatment plants.

After some internet digging, I found the Brays Bayou hasn’t always been sporting the industrial funneled-with-concrete look. Way back in the mid-1800s, Brays was a much more attractive tree-shaded waterway lined with sporadic sand bars and filled with swiftly moving, clean water.

Regardless of the nasty nature of the water, it isn’t uncommon to see a fly angler casting along the banks. A curiosity that stemmed back to my childhood adventures led me to reach out to experienced Houston fly fisherman Matt Phillips for some basic tips for beginners looking to get into urban fly fishing Houston’s Brays Bayou. Here is what Matt had to say:

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