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Introductions: Between Seth Green and Burt Reynolds

I’m no canoeist. I’m closer to the city-slicker side of the spectrum than the veteran river rat. Consider me as more of a Seth Green in Without a Paddle character as opposed to Burt Reynolds’ Lewis Medlock in Deliverance.

Sure, I grew up paddling recreationally with family. Yes, my future is tied up in equity of a paddlesports company. Ah yeah, did I mention that I spend a lot of time escaping reality between the pages of old river adventure novels and Canoeroots Magazine? All the things considered, I’m still new at this. I’m so new at this that on my first 12-mile canoe trip my Dad – who used to paddle class IV rapids in his sleep – jokingly implied that he would be impressed if I could get the boat to stay straight.

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Kayak Fishing Trends - Kayak Rigging Gear Improvements

Four Ways Rigging is Changing for the Better

Reposted from the Yak Gear blog from March 25,2013 for reference in my current post Macro Trends in a Bull Market

We’ve been at this rigging game for a while now, you and me. We saw it grow from a do-it-yourself hobby to a mainstream industry. We were there for the emergence of leashes, no longer just a dog walking accessory. We were also there for the broad use of rigging forums in the reporting of accessory innovation, and seemingly countless redesigns of the Scotty, Ram, Railblaza err… externally mounted rod holder.

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A Long Portage:

We're back after a really long portage. What used to be a roadtrip-centric canoe blog is now a bit more settled in the Texas Hill Country. We still believe canoeing is dated, not dead. And we still chase high CFS and sticky situations.

But we're not on a roadtrip battling for cell service from the backseat of the Jeep anymore. We're enjoying life off the road. The showers, hot meals, and stable jobs are nice too.

If the paddling road trip is what you're looking for, it's moved here.



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