It’s the lesser of two evils. These days when people want to share information they either hijack your social media feeds or your email inbox. Well, I’m not much of a shameless-self-promotion-overloader on social media, but I do want to share my stories with anyone’s inbox who is curious enough to be interested. Look, I don’t want to swamp you with every promotional post. I would, however, like to keep you posted on all my travels and stories that I have lined up in a weekly-ish, one-size-fits-all newsletter like my past samples below.

I’m just getting started: I hope you’ll stay tuned.

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A Long Portage:

We're back after a really long portage. What used to be a roadtrip-centric canoe blog is now a bit more settled in the Texas Hill Country. We still believe canoeing is dated, not dead. And we still chase high CFS and sticky situations.

But we're not on a roadtrip battling for cell service from the backseat of the Jeep anymore. We're enjoying life off the road. The showers, hot meals, and stable jobs are nice too.

If the paddling road trip is what you're looking for, it's moved here.


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